About Us

Espeho Company Ltd. was established in 2001. 's "ET Ventana" main business is trading in building glass.

For this purpose, we have a rich contemporary art production facilities and dynamic team of spetsialesti experience in glass processing in the hands of that glass acquires original shapes and sizes, so if you have high quality and unusual ideas, then you've come to the right place because we love challenges. In order to provide the market with quality and variety of lenses, mirrors and glass "company is engaged in designing, manufacturing and installation of:

- Glass doors;

- Glass windows;

- Shower;

- Railings;

- Furniture of glass;

- Glass floors;

- Processing of glass and mirrors;

- Glass;

- Bulletproof glass;

- Glass partitions;

- Interior doors and windows;

- Building glass;

- Trade and installation of AL and PVC;

- Production of winter gardens.

For this purpose, we have a rich contemporary art production facilities and dynamic team.

Able to execute your project or to provide source material for the job. Over the years, gained experience and improved quality equipment and expanded its activities so as to cover the majority of customer requirements, and to meet the needs im.Razpolagame own factory and a staff of 36 people.

In connection with the expansion of its operations from September 2012 have our own production line for glass. We met many projects among which:

- Glass interior and exterior of the chain pizza "Don Domat"

- Etalbond shop Vivakom gr.Svoge

- Facades chain stations OMV

- Curtain wall for Festo Bulgaria

- Renovation of business offices Bulbank

- Glass display cases for the National Museum of Military History

- Glass windows NPC Bazaar "Pasaja"

- Zhilishttni buildings construction companies:

- Bularco

- Brevas

- Arhstudio

- Laskoni


- Multiple sites for private clients.