Shop windows

Glass windows and facades allow maximum visibility to the premises and the premises to the urban environment. Very suitable for office and retail space. Have other positive "feature" - they can save you energy and money on lighting. Modern construction can hardly exist anymore without glass facades. They are an integral part of the great metropolis office buildings and malls.

The maximum amount of glass windows is 6 meters of 3.21 m. More glass windows are used for building equipment and office partitioning. The thickness of the glass cases varies from 6 mm to 12 mm, without taking into account the bulletproof glass. Their thickness may be up to 83 mm but much smaller than the other glass windows. Used for banks, bureaux de change currency etc..

Recent years tended to use more widely glass showcases in panels with very fine frames. These frameworks seal as well as windows, but avoid the effect of the old frames and rough division. In the manufacture of windows using standard two types of glass. One type is a single float glass. Float lights can also be tempered. The second type is a triplex glass, which is composed of two layers of glass bonded by a layer of PVB. The second type is designed with a slightly large dose of security in the event of breakage of the glass display case.

Espeho Ltd. offers design, manufacture, supply and installation of the glass windows. The company manufactures and installs glass windows for daily business needs. How you would look like stores and office buildings today if you only had to use partition masonry walls or woodwork. Glass window-glass panels much easier to clean, while less smudge when no frames that get stuck with dust. Windows allow stores to maximize their space and set out their wares in a way that will be most attractive and beautiful for customers. You can complete your project with spectacular and beautiful lighting. This will add even more sophisticated and attractive look of your store.

It is very important what hardware will be used, and to take accurate measurements from a professional. You have the ability to easily replace modules or intgrirate doors and glass walls. Thus easily create a beautiful appearance and a pleasant working environment. We offer to design the entire article and be satisfied details such as: the direction of the door opening, number of open panels or sliding parts in order to avoid errors in the implementation and installation.