Aluminum railings

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Type railing   Price
Aluminum railing with two strings l.m 70.00lv
Aluminum railing with three strings l.m 76.00lv
Aluminum railing with white glass l.m 112.00lv
Aluminum railing with colored glass (green, brown, gray) l.m 137.00lv

Prices include VAT.

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Aluminum railings

Aluminum railings are composed of modular systems assembled by fasteners. It is not necessary to be welded. They are applicable for indoor and outdoor use. They are distinguished from other types of railings with good looks and very competitive prices. Mounting options are few: floor and console or side.

Aluminum profiles and all the accessories anodized coating 12-14 micron. This ensures long life even in the case when they are exposed to adverse weather conditions. Aging and oxidized completely overcome. Regarding the choice of colors is great. The most commonly used are chromium, titanium, brass, brown oxidation, and all colors in the catalog RAL, colors imitating wood.

Glass railings. Have extremely sophisticated and attractive appearance which in recent years has been favored by many customers and architects. The strength is ensured by the use of glass or toughened glass triplex.

The thickness of the glass and the method of attachment are the most important Specification The quality glass railing balconies, stairs and more. Installation are floor and console / side /. After the application of all coverings can proceed to the installation of the glass railing.

Handrails holder universal type suitable for different locations, and a very long life. Stainless steel is a stainless steel containing chromium and nickel. This protects it from corrosion. Handrails just like other types are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

There are several types: those that are fabricated from modular elements of composite profiles by welding, and a combination of both.

Mounting again vary between floor or console / side /. Final processing can give matt or polished appearance of the product.

Stainless steel and may successfully be combined with other materials such as glass and wood.