Aluminum composite panels

Aluminum composite panels


Espeho Ltd. is a company with experience in the design, supply and installation of aluminum composite panels. Aluminum panels, also called Etalbond has a unique composite structure and is designed for interior and exterior cladding of buildings. The most important feature is its resistance to bending and light weight. This is due to a non-toxic polyethylene core with a thickness of between 2 and 5 mm which is placed between two aluminum sheets. Known as the "sandwich panel". It consists of a primer, polyethylene adhesive layer, aluminum, coated with PVDF, a protective resin coating. Aluminium panels to reduce the risk of corrosion as a result of temperature changes. The material most often used for the implementation of the facades of shops, office buildings and hotels. You can give a modern look to old buildings, covering them with composite panels.

Aluminum panels have insulating properties. Initially introduced insulation, which closes with engineered etalbond panels. Etalbond can be used in a temperature range from -50 ° C to +80 ° C. In contrast to the 100 ° C is 2, the extension of 3 mm per meter.

Latest technology in coextrusion is used to make composite panels. The uppermost sheet is of a durable color coating. The variety of colors of composite aluminum panels allows you to choose from. The core of the composite panel is manufactured in different sizes, the thickness can range from 3 mm, 4 mm and 6 mm width and 1000, 1250 and 1500 mm. and a length of 1000 to 5000 mm. Etalbond used three-layer color coated PVDF Kynar 500, which guarantees at least 15 years durability. The surface of the aluminum panel was coated with the adhesive film / thickness of 10 micron /, in order to protect it from damage during installation.

Etalbond is a preferred material advantage is the coefficient of resistance to weight than other solid materials.

Tensile etalbond: thickness

thickness 3 mm - 0.126 kN m / sq.m

thickness 4 mm - 0.240 kN m / sq.m

thickness 6 mm - 0.5901 kN m / sq.m

Here's another important characteristics of aluminum alloys: Tensile strength Rm> 158N/mm2; Bending strength Rp0.2.> 130 N/mm2; Weight m2 5.6 kg/m2

Etalbond is an ecological product with low maintenance and high resistance to corrosion, does not age, and does not change color. Possibility of future design easily makes it suitable for any type of architectural solutions for wall columns or ceilings, paneling and staircase escalator structures.