Construction works

Price list for construction - assembly

Description Metrics Quantity Price lev
Supply and laying of a primer coat / if neobhodimo / sq.m 1 0.90
Supply and laying of plaster sq.m 1 10.40
Supply and installation of fine plaster sq.m 1 5.90
Delivery and priming walls and ceilings sq.m 1 0.90
Supply and laying of paint on walls and ceilings sq.m 1 5.80
Shipping and Mounting AL angles m 1 2.40
Shipping and Mounting of plasterboard lining sq.m 1 23.20
Shipping and Mounting of plasterboard suspended ceiling sq.m 1 28.10
Delivery and reversal of drywall m 1 21.50
Supply and laying of tsimentova mazilka / in the bathroom / m 1 14.10
Laying of wall and floor tiles sq.m 1 22.40
Laying socket m 1 5.90
Dotavka and laying jointing smes kg 1 7.80
Shipping and Mounting AL trim on the outside corner m 1 12.10
Tile thickness over 8 mm kg 1 0.90
Flip tiled m 1 11.80
Installation monoblok issue. 1 50.00
Installation smesitel issue. 1 28.00
Installation mivka issue. 1 35.00
Construction waste removal kub.m 1 63.00
Construction of chute laying plumbing m 1 4.20
Shipping and Mounting of PPR to OD: 25 t 1 53.50
Construction of chute laying el.provodnitsi m 1 4.20
Shipping and Mounting of el.provodnitsi t 1 38.00
Invert new dograma inside incl. AL angles m 1 12.50

Prices are without VAT.

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Construction works

Construction works are all activities that occur in the process of construction of a building or construction site. Espeho Ltd. company has extensive experience in internal and external repair of homes, shops, offices and administrative buildings.

Company activities include:

construction of partition walls, wall linings, ceilings of plasterboard and suspended ceilings sticks terracotta tiles, granite tiles, building and transformed water and electric. Plastering, painting, acrylic paints, coating mineral, silicone, scratched, sprayed concrete and mortar plaster and stone.

Our motto is: "Quality of work and implement the ideas of our customers." We have created a team of professionals with perfect coordination between members of groups that are perfect technicians in various fields of construction activity. Our craftsmen have years of experience with all types of construction work. They work fast, quality and "team" to achieve optimal results and exceeding customer expectations. While working in the implementation of a project for us is very important to have staging and coordination in carrying out the construction works. Thus provide individual teams the necessary space and time without interfering, but to work together or sequentially depending on the case. This enables us to work quickly without compromising the quality of the performance.

Espejo specializes in the repair and finishing and construction works. We work with technologies and materials with proven quality in the market from the best suppliers and manufacturers. Pursue a mission to make your home, office, shop or building unique and beautiful! The client's wishes are our goal!

High Quality! Best prices! Short time!.

In our work we strive to make our clients receive a full range of building maintenance services at the correct time, high quality and reasonable prices.

Very important for us to help and advise on everything related to good design and functionality of the home, office or shop to customers. From personal experience we know that but the quality there is another very important factor that the client is happy with the work done and this is the period of performance. In workflow agreed deadlines are essential, but not at the expense of performance. The two must go "hand in hand" as we have achieved are. This is the fruit of long experience, good kooordinatsiya, planning, logistics and professionalism.