Glass doors

Glass doors

If your wooden doors look "retro" and you could not find a suitable model can be oriented glass. Suitable for both interior construction and exterior. Solution for non-standard spaces in which you could not put a plain wooden door.

Glass doors have technical strength and good insulation. Will give the home or office building custom and designer look. Espejo specialists will design and develop the door, observing all yours will come at a, and these high quality standard. We offer interior glass doors, doors to shops or banks. Will meet with each of your professional project.

Glass doors are very beautiful, but by installing special hardware are well insulated. Glass for making doors is tempered with a thickness between 8 and 10 mm, providing strength and safety in your room. Doors can be made on an individual project, consistent with the size of the premises.

Can be separated several glass doors. The first type will call "classic" glass doors. They question the customer to choose the location of the hinges. They may also be placed laterally, thereby allowing the door opening sides. The classical glass doors there are adjacent lock and safe. On request and depending on the purpose of the room, the glass can be frosted and colored.

The second type of glass sliding doors. Widely applicable to public buildings and office space. Their installation can be carried out on a ceiling or wall and the sliding mechanism is visible or hidden. Here are assigned and doors, "harmonica". Suitable for bars, restaurants and terraces. Generally pictured glass panels that run on rails with a leading lower profile. Very suitable if you want at some point be able to "remove" almost entirely vrtite and prostrnstvot open.

The quality of the lights is a guarantee for a long life of your glass door. Window may be different shades. Thickness of glass doors: from 8 mm to 12 mm tempered glass, making them four times stronger than ordinary glass.

Place different kinds of locks for glass doors, you can choose between: floor, top and side.

Application of glass doors, as we said above is larger. From the entrance of the store or building, the interior door at home, door to bathroom or beautiful spa, beauty salon, storage and related facilities.