Glass interrior

Glass furniture

interrior-glass-espehoThe use of glass and glass panels in interior design in the space of the home and the office is very popular among lovers of aesthetics. The wide use of glass and its properties make it a favorite in the creation of interior design.

The glass gives the optical illusion and visual perception of a large and spacious rooms. This will give a dose and aristocracy and the vanguard of the room. This is a standard method to separate space without room as obscure and many other interesting design ideas can be realized. Glass plate or baffle can break room and make it look modern and futuristic even. Glass interior elements: can be cabinets, tables, desks, shelves or bar scattered throughout the premises will breathe life into your rooms.

Glass is very appropriate in the design of furniture for small spaces can be used more for sliding doors, kitchen backs, decorative wall coverings for bathroom and living room, and more. The wide range of colors and treatments will allow you to combine it with an even more bizarre solutions for your home and office. Stained glass, adds shine and creates different pleasurable sensations. The glass can be easily combined with other materials. Very beautiful combinations can be made ​​with wood, steel or stone.

The glass has a resistance to high temperatures and can withstand temperatures up to 80 degrees. That its properties makes it suitable to be used in the kitchen and near appliances that develop high temperature. The glass is already used very successfully for the design and furnishing of the bathroom.

Espejo Ltd. can realize your idea of a beautiful shower. From the viewpoint of safety, the glass may be coated with a coating called. SAFE + film. It is used in the colored lights, so as to protect them from nadrskvane and also promotes the adherence of the pieces to the film in order to prevent injury in the event of breakage. Glass is easy to keep clean and does not wear out and do not look older at the same time seems fine and gives comfort.
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