Pricelist mirrors

Mirror 4 mm - 26.00 lv. / Sq.

Processing edge - 2.00 lv. / Lm.

Processing facet - 2.50 lv. / Lm.

Installation including utilities for bonding - 15.00 lev. / Sq.

Delivery within Sofia - 20.00 lv

Размер Mirror Mirror edge processing Mirror processing facet Mirror edge, delivery and installation mirror facet, delivery and installation
400 х 600 6,24 lv 10,24 lv 11,24 lv 33,84 lv 34,84 lv
500 х 800 10,40 lv 15,60 lv 16,90 lv 41,60 lv 42,90 lv
500 х 1000 13,00 lv 19,00 lv 20,50 lv 46,50 lv 48,00 lv
600 х 1200 18,72 lv 25,92 lv 27,72 lv 56,72 lv 58,52 lv
1000 х 2000 52,00 lv 64,00 lv 67,00 lv 114,00 lv 117,00 lv
Type mirror sq.m Price
white 4mm 26.00lv
white 5mm 40.00lv
white 6mm 47.00lv
bonze 4mm 38.50lv
bonze 5mm 52.00lv
grey 4mm 42.00lv

Size of the mirror according to the customer;

When ordering more than one mirror, the supply is single;

Price for mirrors with nonlinear shape - asking;

Mirrors 5 mm and 6 mm - request;

All prices include VAT

For more information, please contact our consultants.


Company "Espeho" (from IMS. "Mirror") specializes in retail and wholesale of glass and mirrors, as well as processing, assembly and delivery.

You can choose how to look your mirror by yourself and determine the size, shape and further processing - edge, facet, Frost. Over the years Espejo constantly improving the quality of service and equipment, expand its activities. You can order any size you want as long as it is in the capacity of the machines.

There are various kinds of mirrors according to their shape, they can be: flat, elliptical, cylindrical, spherical and the like.