Colored glass

Colored glass


Painted decorative glass is produced by Espeho in two types according to specific customer needs. Paint can be applied on glass by rolling, in which the paints are applied by automatic line roller coating and printing. These products enjoy widespread use and interest from builders and architects. USED ​​both for internal and external glazing.

Most often painted glass ordered to make:

- Showers

- Doors

- Furniture

- Interior walls

- glass

- Decorative exterior cladding

The second option used by companies Espeho is colorful glass Lacobel. This way of painting has emerged in recent years interior trend design objective. Very easily and successfully combining them with other materials. The best combination is obtained by combining Lacobel with wood, metal and stone. You can easily freshen up your home or office, shop or restaurant with elements of Lacobel. Glass is suitable for all types of premises even the bathroom and kitchen. Typical are resistance to high temperatures and humidity. Lakobelat izbarzha even direct contact with water. Product life is extended and its UV - protection. That's not all Lacobel has a special coating that protects the product from scratch. This layer prevents the shattered sharp cutting pieces from possible breakage.

Lacobel e suitable for:

- Wardrobe door

- Kitchen cabinets

- Interior partition walls

- Bathroom Furniture

In lakobelat color is chosen from a catalog of RAL colors and in glass ready Lacobel colors ogranicheniv several colors.

Colored glass

Dear customers, we also offer coloured glass in the system RAL. Mainly used for interior: lining the walls, cabinets, doors, sliding doors and other items of furniture production.

Coloured glass splashbacks make a real feature of any kitchen. With such an extensive range of colours you can be sure to make a really bold statement.

We provide glass matched to the RAL colour standardisation system. RAL is an internationally leading colour standard for all professional users of colours in industry, trade, architecture and design. Orders are accepted by the customer specified dimensions.