Glass tempering

Glass tempering

bulletproof-glass-espehoEspeho Ltd. manufactures and offers safety glazing through toughened glass with different colors and finishes.

Tempering is a process in which were quenched with a variety of materials in order to prevent the phase transformation of substances. There is also a slow cooling through air (naturalization), which also gives results in hardening.

Hardening stage process. The first phase is zagoreshtyavane material at high temperature. It is advisable to avoid uneven or excessive heat. Most materials are heated to 815-900 degrees Celsius. The second phase is the phase of cooling. Toughened glass is 4 to 5 times the strength of the other windows. There is widespread belief that the toughened glass is unbreakable. Fracture of tempered glass to form hundreds of small pieces with smooth edges proof of quality hardening.

Tempered glass is used for:

- Doors, windows, stairs
- Production of furniture, countertops, shower enclosures, partitions
- Conventional and structural glazing
- Safety glazing rail vehicles, construction machinery
- Windows and portlights etc.
- The thickness of the glass can vary between 4 and 19 mm.

All processes such as drilling, edging, milling, etc.. be made in advance. Annealing causes tension evenly across the structure of the glass, additional treatment would violate this tension and lead to breakage. Sizing is also carrying out. Processing only on the surface of tempered glass is admissible.