Triplex and bulletproof glass

Triplex and bulletproof glass

triplex-glassTriplex is a more layered laminated glass. It consists of two or more windows that are stuck with tear-resistant foil PVA or EVA of different types of multicomponent resins. The resin hardens into transparent layer that does not affect the optical properties of the glass.

This film has a high tensile strength and high ductility. The resin layer protects from ultraviolet rays. The main advantage of glass is that broken glass did not break into pieces. Triplex or even laminated glass is distinguished by a high sound insulation. Sound waves are borne by the elastic resin layer. It is possible to be glued all types of glass, the layer between them can be transparent, opaque or colored. In these glasses safety is high and there is almost no danger of injury.

Combining different types of glass and foil can be achieved varying resistance of glass, for example resistance to gunfire. For each application there are of course different manufacturing requirements and standards for the type and thickness of glass that must be met. Laminated glass can be embedded in the glass, often with sound insulation purpose. To be healthy glass can be used toughened glass as ordinary glass made ​​tripeksa as healthy as healthy just one glass.


Espejo produces all kinds of triplex glass partitions, shelves, cabinets and stairs, and other structures. The most widely used in the construction of commercial space - windows and against intruders such as banks, jewelry stores, pharmacies, curtain walls. You can often see it in housing glazing as prevent heat loss. Triplex is also used for windows, stairs, awnings, canopies, railings and furniture.

Pricelist triplex

sq.m type price
white-white 3.3.1. 42.00 lv
white-white 4.4.1. 51.00 lv
white-white 5.5.1. 62.00lv
white-white 6.6.1. 77.00lv
опако 4.4.1. 74.00lv
white-color 4.4.1. 76.00lv
bulletproof glass Makarov sq.m 230.00lv
resin pouring triplex sq.m 60.00lv